Category: Business

  • Ford’s most advanced assembly plant operates in rural Brasil

    Here’s a link to an interesting video about Ford’s newest assembly plant in Brasil. Some interesting things I learned in the video: Ford’s suppliers also make their components in the same facility — meaning less confusion. Also, they make many different types of cars in the same plant.

  • Hacker News

    For the past year I’ve been an avid fan of Hacker News. It’s THE site to get the latest news about web / tech startups and the best part is the huge community. The discussion is relevant and the community is really smart. Check it out if you haven’t seen it:

  • Peaks and Valleys

    I should really be working on my startup right now. But, I’m not. I’ve been in a valley for the last few days. Other days it’s peaks. Today it’s a valley. That’s how it goes when you’re bootstrapping a product on your own. I suppose that’s how it goes when you have funding, co-founders and…

  • Five Ways To Stay Productive In Your Mobile Office

    As an independent wordsmith, I’m well acquainted with working in non-traditional work places; for instance, my main office (home) and the other locale’s I frequent (coffee houses). Notice the title of this entry. It’s not about how to be productive. Anyone can be productive, if they so desire, every now and again, sometimes on purpose,…