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  • Companies formed on napkins

    I stumbled across the story of Southwest Airlines this morning and then Compaq and thought it was funny that they were both formed on restaurant napkins in Texas. It would make a good question on Jeopardy. I wonder what other companies were formed this way?

  • How to be Creative

    I have been following @gapingvoid (Hugh MacLeod) on Twitter for a few months now. He’s a really interesting guy and I enjoy his Tweets. So, today I decided to read up on him and I found that he has posted some very influencial content over the years on his long-standing blog (maybe it’s only new […]

  • Why Time Tracking is Important to Freelancers

    If you’re a freelancer in your chosen profession and you don’t track your time, you can count on one thing: you won’t be a freelancer for long. At six years and counting, I think I’ve finally got freelancing down. Every time before this – this is my fourth time as a freelancer – I lasted […]

  • A New CMS and Why

       As some of you may know, I launched a new, simple cms system yesterday called Clover Content. I thought you might be interested in understanding why I spent the last year developing yet another cms. There’s a real problem with content management systems. I’m not talking about the big enterprise platforms. I’m talking about […]