Caribou Coffee

I really like the Caribou Coffee web site. First of all, the textures used on the site are new and unique (how often do you see a piece of wood used on a web site?). There’s a great color scheme and clever use of photography.

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  1. I’m in Minneapolis, so when I saw this post it grabbed my attention.

    They have pretty good coffee as well. 🙂

    Most of their locations (in Minneapolis-St.Paul) have a kinda north woods cabin-like feel to them. Fireplaces rough cut wood floors, stone chimneys, that sort of thing. The site is very much in line with their overall branding and architectural aesthetic. They’ve been expending into other areas over the past couple of years, so I’ll be curious how this pretty geographically specific brand holds up in say, Arizona or North Carolina.

  2. Thanks Jason – I looked at the map on the site and it does appear they’re hitting the midwest really good. I wouldn’t be suprised if they enter the AZ market someday although honestly I think it’s pretty crowded here.

  3. Hey this website follows the starbucks print look (on brochures and stuff) in Singapore (dunno if they are consistent all over the world!).

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