Calling in sick to work. Ever do it?

Have you ever called in to work and claimed you were sick when you really weren’t? What’d you say and what happened? Did you go to the beach?

3 responses to “Calling in sick to work. Ever do it?”

  1. Yes.
    I’ve done it for work and for class. But most recently at work, I did it so that I could sleep in after going to the U2 concert in Chicago the previous night. I didn’t feel like being at work after just getting home at 4:00am.

    Then I watched Lost all day. 🙂

  2. Yep! Sure did. Stayed home and got other things done at home. I’ve never been one to understand the ultimate importance of perfect attendance or near it. I figure there should be no “sick” days, it should all be lumped as personal time and I can use it whenever I want. If my lack of attendance becomes an issue due to productivity problems, then that becomes an opportunity for performance counseling. I don’t think it applies at all to attendance. BOCTAE

  3. I figure I oughta tell my own story.

    One employee I had a few years ago went interviewing using a sick day. Calls in sick around noon and says he’s sick. About a month later I learned he had driven all the way to Tucson for an interview on the company dime. He also had 3 of his 4 grandparents die in a few month period of time and two car break-ins, at least a week of legitimate sick days, and a few personal days and day or two of real car breakdowns. And that was all in about 3 months.

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