I really like the Bountee web site. I ran across it the other day.

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Why this site is the bestest:

  1. Shop by color is a great feature and more t-shirt web sites need this
  2. Simple navigation and big buttons and text
  3. Bountee is not afraid of long scrolling pages, and not afraid to not show photos of models wearing shirts (interesting approach)

3 responses to “Bountee”

  1. Shop by color is an awesome idea. Some colors look like absolute barf on me, so I hate wasting my time wading through shirt designs on websites, knowing half of them I won’t even wear.

  2. I like the legal disclaimer on the site 🙂

    Please note that we do not advise you to eat our garments, set fire to them when they’re wrapped around your head or soak them in water, put them in a freezer and then use them to poke yourself in the eye. And although not specifically detailed on the garment’s label, please remove the clothing from your body before washing and ironing it.

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