What’s going on at They have a completely new design that breaks a few very long held design conventions. I like it.

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  1. With so many financial news options available on the web, I can see the desire to want to differentiate from each other. I give management credit for doing something to break out the trend and I can see using color as a brand, but I think the orange on black is just too damned hard to read. I think if I were them I would have given users, who are likely more often than not repeat visitors, the option of a second color palette/skin to choose from.

  2. I can honestly say, this is a visual mess. it does look like Halloween. Maybe they should consider selling pumpkins on it along with showing financial data.

  3. I must admit, a website with 187 validation errors really makes me proud to be web designer..

  4. It is refreshingly obvious how few of your readers are involved in finance. Anyone that has ever used a Bloomberg application will immediately recognize the light-font-on-black-screen theme from their ubiquitous terminal screens. Cute analysis though.

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