Benjamin Moore Canada

I liked the Benjamin Moore web site. It’s nice to see they incorporated lots of different colors into the layout.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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Andrew, if you paint my office you can have a cup of hot chocolate. Hey, I’ll give you two cups if you paint my office.

Yes, on-topic posts are good 😉

I think you should make a seperate blog/site just for the caption stuff.

Another thing, maybe it’s indicative that the only people who posted on this post are actual BrainFuel posters. Maybe we’ve created a tiny isolated way for us to have discussions and contests. Maybe we should have a golf tournament or something.

We could do that. It’s called “A Forum.”
And what’s this I hear about painting Chris’s office? Are you saying that I should neglect my talent for web design, and turn to painting as a career option? 😉

And having a forum provides an advantage exactly how? It’s just one more place we’d have to check for new posts. Maybe I’m just wierd.

Eh. There’s forums… and then there are blogs. I like the blog layout best (this site) as of lately. It’s easiest to keep track of, and usually only interesting or important stuff gets posted on the main page.
On a side note: from my understanding, the title image of brainfuel indicates that the “topic” is “inspiration and design resources”. I think that’s what Ben was referring to earlier. I dunno. I don’t really care what is posted up here as long as it’s entertaining. 😀

Ohh, duh. I should’ve rememberd the image at the top of the page. How would you describe “inspiration”? Can I argue that a caption contest inspires inspiration?

Oh, and Friday’s caption contest is going to be the bomb!!!

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