Be Thankful for Links in November

An awesome plugin for WordPress that uses AJAX to offer a Shoutbox on your site with instant chat capabilities. Very cool!

Asian Backstreet Boys – Funny stuff (Via Mister Shape)

TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor.

Domain hacks.

PhotoDrop for OS X.

How some guy reduced his electrical bill by about 80%.

Writers Block Live is a new web site by someone who has worked with Steve Jobs and this story in particular is interesting because it talks about how frazzled Jobs was before introducing the iPod. Oh, and the guys writing a book, too. AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons

Crazy cool optical illusion (I’ve seen it before but it’s still cool)

New WYSIWYG editor for WP – I couldn’t get it to work though.

Plugin for WP for Google Site Maps.

Picaboo looks like a Picasa and iPhoto ripoff.

Cool video of a crab in 6000 ft of water.

YouSendIt allows you to send people large files over email.

Quotes from CBS Anchor Dan Rather on Election Night 2004

Here’s a great ringtone for all you sheep lovers out there.

Personalized Insults with a Shakespeare Style… (my new homepage)

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