Bambi 2: In which Bambi discovers a nuclear bomb hidden in a mine shaft

Why, oh why, did Disney release another Bambi? What was lacking from the first Bambi that needed to be made into a sequel?

To make light of this news we’re going to have a little contest.
Come up with your best movie description: What’s the synopsis printed on the back of this DVD?

14 responses to “Bambi 2: In which Bambi discovers a nuclear bomb hidden in a mine shaft”

  1. I’ll go first to show you what I’m thinking about:

    “After the horrible death of Bambi’s mother by the shotgun toting individual – Bambi becomes a Senator and goes to Washington to fight for gun reform.”

  2. Haha, I think Botman has nailed this on the head. Interesting. The original was released in ’42 which means 2006 is the 64th year. Sounds about right.

  3. Bambi II — Disney mid-management’s last grasp at producing something before John Lasseter kicks us all out on our butts.

    Now for the bigger question, how’d you get the image to span across two posts like that?

  4. “In the sequal to this timeless tale of a young prancing doe who learns some of natures less friendly lessons at a tender stage in life, Bambi grows up and allows the Disney cameras to follow her as she embarks upon college and her early days as a leftwing lobyist in Washington D.C.

    Come with us on this journey through young adulthood, from her first days at a New England University, to her indoctrination into modern socialist thinking, we charter Bambi’s every move for 5 years. Bambi: progressive, modernist, deer of the people. Don’t miss this sequal.”

  5. At times I imagine the three Egyptian God monsters from YuGiOh partaking Bambi II (they all speak too); Obelisk the Tormentor (voice by Keith David from Gargoyles) with Bambi, Slifer the Sky Dragon (voiced by Christopher R. Sabat, who also voice the Eternal Dragon from Dragon Ball Z) with Thumper, and The Winged Dragon of Ra (voiced by Richard Newman, who also voiced Rhinox from Beast Wars) with Flower. The reason for that concerns the fact of Bambi, Thumper, and Flower forming a triad. In the duration of the movie, the three Egyptian God monsters are obligated to assist the triad and their allies. I even imagine Ronno being accompanied by one of the most notorious villains from YuGiOh (in addition to being voiced by Mark Hamilton): DIABOUND!! Diabound feels obligated to destroying Bambi physically and spiritually, as a result to his hatred upon them, which he shares with Ronno. I imagine Ronno with Diabound to express himself being sold to supremacy. Diabound is eventually destroyed in the end by the three Egyptian God monsters. Finally I imagine the Three Stooges (Larry, Curly, and Moe), in the form of troodons, assist Bambi and his friends. I can see Moe giving Ronno an eye poke, a smack in the forehead, and a kick in the rear for deceiving Bambi.

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