Backpacks for Cameras and Laptops

So I’ve been looking for a new backpack because for the past year I’ve been lugging my camera and my laptop around with me. I pretty much take the gear everywhere I go. I take a lot of photos and usually regret it when I don’t have my camera. But my camera gets thrown into a pouch with all of my lenses, power cords, and books. It doesn’t work very well and it’s scratching my camera.

I’m thinking it’d be great to have a bag designed to hold both a laptop & camera. I didn’t know they existed but check out this one I found from Lowerpro:

Yeah, pretty slick! I just need to determine if there’s room for all of the power cords and stuff. It could work really well. Tamrac has some bags designed this way as well. So far I haven’t found any decent size digital images. In the end I might just get a separate bag for my camera.

The Lowerpro site is definately worth a gander, too.

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