Author: Ward Andrews

  • The YouTube Election

    Dear Prospective 2008 Candidate, How are your election plans coming? Have you recently reviewed every bit of video that has ever been shot of you in your lifetime? Do you know who has those copies? Do you trust them? Who’s your director of video? Of internet marketing? Have you scripted every bit of video that […]

  • The Niche Get Richer

    What’s a web designer or developer to do? You want to create something new. But it’s all been played out right? Have you decided all the ‘cool new sites’ have been built? There’s only one great place to share photos right? And where else to go to auction stuff? There’s only one place where you […]

  • Brazilian Style

    In honor of the journey Chris is taking south of the equator this month, I thought it appropriate to pay tribute to some unique things that make Brazil special… The Brazilian Flag Just cool. The colors, the style and the unique star-studded Southern Hemisphere sky. The sky depicts 27 white, five-pointed stars one for each […]

  • Top 5 Ways to Acquire More Brain Fuel

    Chris, Thanks for the nice introduction. I’m excited to share in the fun. Let’s start off with a resource for those few times when you’re current on your BrianFuel reading, or have a temporary disconnect from the umbilical that is the BrainFuel RSS feed…the Top 5 Ways to Acquire More Brain Fuel (or How to […]