Author: benster

  • >The Dentsu Advertising Museum

    >The Dentsu Advertising Museum …has a great collection of Japanese advertising from 1603 onwards. Some really fantastic imagery. This links to the English version of the site; there is also a version available in Japanese. (courtesy Print Magnate) Wow, Chris. You just packed 3 posts into one!

  • Free .tk domains! Thanks

    Free .tk domains! Thanks to this tiny island nation. Get them while they’re hot!

  • BT : Music Musician,

    BT : Music Musician, producer, and dj extraordinare.. I just wanted to thank him for a perfect ending to the Coachella Festival last weekend.

  • Pre-Order Moby’s new disc

    Pre-Order Moby’s new disc “18” – to be released May 12 Yeah, I know this isn’t design-related but it’s kind of cool. If you buy the CD prerelease, Amazon lets you immediately listen to a high-quality stream of the whole album. This is the way it ought to be for every CD so you can…