Author: benster

  • AIGA’s salary survey 2002!

    AIGA’s salary survey 2002! Read it and weep. They don’t have a column for 5th percentile?

  • NCSoft Games This huge

    NCSoft Games This huge Korean game conglomerate just agreed to publish an RPG that a friend of mine has been working on. Now he can start eating again! I think the flash is quite smooth. (you don’t need the Korean language pack installed, BTW.)

  • Orange Design This company

    Orange Design This company specializes in Flash user interface design for PS2 games. Their site features draggable boxes, which may be overkill for the amount of content in each. It takes too much scrolling to read the text, too. My attention span isn’t limited to 5 lines at once.

  • Utah Carol Wonderful example

    Utah Carol Wonderful example of organic flash. Robot perfection and sharp lines are minimized in favor of giving the impression of down-to-earth simplicity for this country-ish band. This site won The Speared Peanut several awards.