introduction to typography

I learned two things from finding this guide on the Microsoft site: 1.) Someone at Microsoft actually knows something about typography. 2.) That person also has a sense of humor. 3.)That person also seems to be English, as you’ll see in the first paragraph.

It’s titled “A DISAGREEABLY FACETIOUS TYPE GLOSSARY” but is actually the best intro to fonts and typographic concepts I’ve seen. Very good reading for students and newbie graphic designers.

Somewhat unrelated, I came across this lovely blog archive richly populated with typography links. One could (wisely) spend a lot of time here.

Development General

A trove of CSS tutorials

I’ll be mining this site in the days to come for list styling options, the float property and more. Great to know all the options I have for some of these CSS features.


CSS Drop Shadows

ALA article by Sergio Villarreal details how to create drop shadows that expand to fit block-level elements. Haven’t tried it yet, but this looks like a valid trick for the CSS designer’s arsenal.