Author: Ben Wood

  • “Getting in the zone” in your work environment

    Hivelogic has a great post about workspaces, and “getting in the zone” to do creative work. I’ve been thinking about this more as I recently started working from home, contracting as part of a virtual team for a remote client. Although my home office is quiet and comfy, I do miss the energy of having…

  • Web 2.0 Design & layout trends

    Here is a great bunch of screenshots and analysis of a certain “Web 2.0” style, where sites are designed with horizontal groups of content. Contains a two dozen or so example screenshots.

  • Watch iPhone’s “gestures” used on a 16×3 foot touchscreen

    Wonder what it would be like if you could use the iPhone’s gesture-based interface on a really large screen? In one of the coolest video’s I’ve seen in a long time as a UI geek, inventor Jeff Han shows off a futuristic user interface much like the sci-fi screen Tom Cruise uses in Minority Report.…

  • IE: the bane of our existence

    A friend from work passed this one along to me. Don’t know much about the author but I’m linking to his site from the graphic.