Attention Firefox users: Don’t like those ads?

Found a pretty cool ‘hack’ to help stop those pesky advertisements we see running rampid at web sites (ahem brainfuel, jk)…of course, we WANT you to click them here aye 😉 Anyways, if you find they are more a distraction than useful information, may I suggest:

…yet another reason to use it, customizable CSS. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend looking into all the customizable features/preferences available to Firefox…for example, how many of you know to type “about:config” into the url field?…how many of you know what to do once there? How bout speeding up your browser time(as if it wasn’t fast enough)

…so much internet, so little time. Just thought this was useful info, and maybe it will expand your current usage of Firefox.


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