Andrew gave me the idea so here’s the question…

When will you be starting your own country? It’s about time, you know. You’re getting older. And what will you call it? When do you plan to leave for your country? I should’ve left a week ago.

3 responses to “Andrew gave me the idea so here’s the question…”

  1. Well, lets see… I have
    A county in England –
    And Maryland –
    And Delaware –
    And Michigan –
    with a road commission –
    A police authority –
    A city –
    A Swedish rock band –
    A University –
    Make that two –
    A magazine –
    And some REALLY badly designed site –

    I’m good. Although…

  2. theres already the designers republic (tho speaking to Ian earlier last month the borders appear to be closing down into a communist state) so i think ill live in my head!

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