And it gets even awesomer

cattleJust a little bit of news on our web application that we are building. Emails just went out to 18 people to gather feedback on some areas of our design. They’re getting a sneak peak at the app before we begin the HTML/CSS development. We have been making an effort to have all of the design done and finalized before passing off to development. It’s just easier that way. We can avoid tons of back and forth with countless changes.

We have made an amazing amount of progress today and this last week. Two major sections were changed on paper a few weeks ago (much better). Literally, two sections were created in Photoshop from sketches just today (yeah, I am now way behind on some other projects, ugh).

To summarize, we are out of “design” and into “front end development” which means we’re that much closer to development (we plan to meet with developers in early January about developing the app).

In total, their are 13 Photoshop files which as templates make up the brunt of the application. The difficult part about building an app like this is making the complex stuff easy to do. That’s what I hope we have accomplished, and I can’t wait to hear back from the people I emailed.

People are asking me when I will “announce” what our application is about. I’m still trying to figure that out, but likely sometime soon after backend development begins. At that point, we’ll be transitioning to our marketing (which is planned to some extent) and we’ll be able to keep things managed better. We shall see.

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  1. Chris’ application lets you manage livestock online! You just have to implant $2,000 chips into every cow, sheep, or goat you own, and the app will track their movement patterns, and even let you control their brains through WiFi.

  2. Thanks everybody for the funny comments. Yeah, the cattle herding picture is a hint but it’s so vague you’d never guess. Hopefully it will make more sense later. We spent some time this evening working on a few of the screens and made additional progress. We’re really tying it all together quite rapidly and more than pleased.

    Also, the feedback we have received from people is all positive (some good constructive feedback). Thanks all.

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