A Tennessee Vacation

A Tennessee Vacation is a really cool site built to promote, ah, well, that’s obvious. I like the layout and textures used. It’s definately eye candy all over the place. Don’t miss the section called A Tennessee Winter.

Courtesy of that guy from 😉

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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I think this site looks freaking awesome but I’ve heard some complaints about its usability. Do you see any issues here? I guess it is a little busy, but I don’t have any problems navigating it.

I would say that unless you’re planning an actual trip you wouldn’t be reading the content. So that means I’m looking at it in an entirely different way than someone planning an excursion. But I agree, it’s an awesome design. Some designer somewhere, someplace, spent a good 50 hours on that puppy.

the nav bar alone is great. i also like how search is up with the nav bar but receives a different treatment. i usually just scan pages, so i like when the search is easy to find.

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