in Whimsical

A Little Prank

We go over to the local sandwich place every once in a while for our project meetings (ok, more than we should), and one time recently we decided to play a little prank.

The Original (Above): We saw this on the community cork board, and had some ideas.

What we made (Above): Here’s what we made. Haha!

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  1. Nice heery coo!

    Where did you get that photo? I am pretty sure I have seen that exact one before.

  2. You didn’t actually take their ad down and replace it with that, did you?:)

  3. Yes, Mark. I’m afraid we are guilty of that. Well, actually, it was kinda my idea so I’ll take the blame. Me and my irreverent sense of humour.

    In all honesty, though, we just loosely taped the cow photo over the cat, so anyone who saw the ad could flip the photo up and see what the ad was *really* for.

    If anything, I like to think that we actually helped the cat find a new home by garnering more attention for the flyer.