A bunch of self-directed zombies

multidisciplinaryLet’s take a look at a typical interview question I’ve heard more than once in my day. For some weird reason the irony in this question popped into my head the other day.

Question: Do you like to work by yourself or in a team?

That question is asked far too often by the people conducting interviews. We all know the right answer so why do they continue to ask it?

Answer: “I enjoy working within a cross disciplinary team to proactively solve problems and create solutions. But at the same time, I just as much enjoy working by myself and am self-directed.”

I’m gonna throw up now.

Now seriously, am I right? Everything in that answer is carefully balanced to give the idea that you work well alone and you don’t need people around you to do your work. You can work in a team and you actually thrive in one. But if you have to work alone, well, that’s ok, too. Oh, and you have some sort of weird arm coming out of the back of your head that directs you.

5 responses to “A bunch of self-directed zombies”

  1. That’s one of those questions I hate. That and “How do you work under pressure?” Hint: Don’t say, “I usually become paranoid and start suspecting my fellow team members of being aliens.” or something like that.

  2. Whenever I hear the “how do you work under pressure” question I always think about the Tea Kettle family. They always did work well under pressure.

  3. I am a manager who does all the hiring for my company…and that question is on my “suggested list” of interview questions…somehow I always manage to skip that one!

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