7 Questions with Chris

The Closet Entrepreneur asks me 7 follow up questions after my interview last week. The best question: “Have you invented any good words lately?”

I’ve been working on inventing words lately in my spare time and I have a few good ones for you to review. Should you like any of them feel free to use in your vocabulary. Any real or imagined relation to a real word is real or imagined.

Tatarox — That strange feeling you get when you just know a T-Rex is chasing your vehicle.

Beqweeth — When you realize you’re going to have to work all night long if you want to be prepared for tomorrow’s meeting.

Sumhum — Describes a friends positive reaction to something you don’t like that you meant as a joke.

5 responses to “7 Questions with Chris”

  1. While the difference is obvious if you’re reading it, the word “beqweeth” could easily be confused with “bequeath.” That is if I’m pronouncing your word right.

    A word my friends made up in high school was “scoogie.”

    v. scoogied, scooging
    1. a) to use a restroom knowing that it will be inaccessible for at least an hour after you’re done
    b)to render a restroom inaccesible due to smell or stoppage

    (ex: I’m going to scoogie your toilet)

  2. My wife and I invented the word “Flustermate.”
    It means to hear lyrics incorrectly and to continue singing them as the correct lyrics–preferably loudly and clearly. It came about while she heard me singing John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland.” There is a part where he sings, “you frusterate me.” I had been singing it as “you flustermate me.” So anytime we hear others sining the wrong lyrics, they’re flustermating. He also sings, “I tickle your big planets” but my wife swears he’s saying “I take all your big plans and break ’em.” You decide…

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