I’ve never used 48HourPrint.com before, but their web site is very nicely done and makes me want to place an order.

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  1. I thought about using them but instead tried someone else who more quicky sent me samples of their work. When my samples from “48” did arrive I was still impressed with it. I think a big part of getting something quickly is exactly following their instructions so they don’t have any issues with your files, quickly approving their proofs, and paying for the fast shipping. But if you want something super quick, a small mistake with your files can easily add a day to your order.

  2. With online orders you usually don’t meet the client face to face so their first impression of you is determined when they look at your site. “48” did a great job on this.

  3. I’ve used them for business cards and postcards. Both finished with the UV Varnish. The printing is exceptional on all jobs and the price for business cards can’t be beat. We’ve paid a much higher price many times and never received this quality. However, they have yet to deliver on their done in 48 hour claim. It’s usually takes 4 days or more. We’ve also used their mailing service twice. Both items were not mailed because they said they never received pmt. Both times we emailed pmt twice and recieved confirmation. They never notified us so our items sat past the promo dates. Lesson learned. Call to make sure your mailer has left the building. Their credit card confirmation is not correct. Aside from that their print quality is outstanding.

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