2Advanced version 5

There’s a new version of the 2Advanced web site. It’s insane.

6 responses to “2Advanced version 5”

  1. ah yes.. i have been a fan of this site for some years now. this time however, i find it a little difficult to navigate. not sure if that is just me. di love the work though… amazing.

  2. And what might those ABC’s of web design be? Are you referring to these?

    P.S. Yeah, I don’t like this version of their site nearly as much as I liked version 4. This one is too difficult to navigate I think. That, and it doesn’t have much of the cool animation that 2advanced was known for.

  3. I agree with Thomas — I don’t like this version as much as their last version. While the navigation makes more sense and is less cluttered (I couldn’t figure out how to go anywhere useful on the last incarnation), it lacks the excessive animation and eye-popping effects the company is known for. The intro of the last version was breathtaking and the current version doesn’t do justice for the reputation it created. I’m very impressed with the deeper pages for the newer version though. It’s very pretty.

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