$1,000 an hour

My mom’s hair dresser hired a business coach for $1,000 an hour. It’s a hair salon with 16 employees and a lot of business, but even so, I’m trying to imagine a scenario when $1,000/hr is worth the expense. What do you think?

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  1. I guess the question is how many hours did the coach work for and what is the primary goal of the salon owner?

  2. Will what she learns cover that pay? I’m doubtful, but who knows, maybe this person is THE hair salon guru of the world?

  3. We had a client that hired an ‘image consultant’ for probably a similar cost. I think it was due more to his personal mid-life crisis than improving his business image.

  4. I was thinking that even if a consultant thought he/she was worth $1,000 an hour, I’m not capable of absorbing the stuff their going to tell me at that fast a rate.

    I can see if you’re the CEO of a Fortune 1,000 company, and you need a consultant, $1,000 an hour isn’t all that much in the big scheme of things.

  5. $1000/hr is high for service fees but i dont think its outrageous for consulting. 8k for the day. Bill Clinton charges like a few hundred thousand to speak for an hour. Same with Michael Moore. So figure that a consultant for a hair salon is probably 100x more interesting the the words of wisdom from michael moore.

    So using math i can deduce that: For every degree of interesting that you arent you get exponentially more expensive.

    Its why designers dont make THAT much, and why hobos are poor.

    Bill Clinton:1,000,000 – Michael Moore: 100,000 – Hair Consultant:1,000 – Designer:100 – Hobo: 0

  6. what if you are a hobo designer? In downtown Tempe they have that all over wireless, so basically you just need an outlet and a pancho for shelter/monsoon time and you are good to go.

  7. that seems really high. I hired a business coach but she was more like $175 an hour with a commitment of one hour per week for 6 months. I highly recommend hiring a business coach or life coach but I would never pay $1000 an hour. that person better be really good…

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