10 Google Headlines You Would Totally Click

We were trying to think of a way to get more comments on BrainFuel and decided an article about Google would probably do the trick. Here are the ten headlines we came up with. Which one do you think would get the most traffic from Digg?

  1. Google Sold at Auction, Yahooligans Rampage
  2. Google Bankruptcy Looming
  3. Insider Information on Why Google Sucks
  4. 10 Reasons Why Google Is Going Down and You Know It
  5. Trade Secrets for Google Stolen: Next 100 Years of Business Plans Revealed!
  6. Google Cancels Free Lunch Program Saying Google Employees are Fat Lazy Slobs
  7. Disney Buys Googleplex: Said to be Next Disneyland
  8. Google Announces Plans to Charge for Gmail According to a Google Spokesperson
  9. Google To Begin Charging For Searching
  10. Google Employee Shocker: 20% Time is Lie!

Can you think of any others? Note to everyone: I posted this in the Whimsical category for a reason.

16 responses to “10 Google Headlines You Would Totally Click”

  1. Department of Justice Orders Google to Publicly Reveal Names and Addresses of All Naughty Searchers

  2. 12. FDA Research Reveals Too Much Google Can Lead to Elevated Levels of Cholesterol and Knowitol.

  3. Google: Man’s best friend? Can your dog fetch every newspaper in the country? In 1 second?

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