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Weblog Network in a Box

We’ve been working all weekend on this folks. I’m really excited to introduce our newest product which will make each of you pro bloggers in 20 minutes and independently wealthy by days end.

weblog network box from BrainFuel

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  1. Seems pretty easy and I like the Design. If this thing really exists, I will order some!

    Greets, Urs Felix

  2. I’ve been using different tools for the last ten years, but these tips were just mind bogglingly brilliant.

  3. Ha ha ha. Brilliant. I loved the little ‘web 2.0 compliant’ in the corner. That was an excellent touch. It goes to show exactly what I’ve been feeling for a long time – web 2.0 has become a majorly overused term, and some do indeed use it just to market their products and fool those who don’t know.
    400 pre-written posts! Lol, that was excellent. The drop shadows was also good. Heck, this is a great parody, really well done!


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