Brown Shoe Company got their hands on a nice generic domain name and they’re trying to capitalize on it.

I can’t blame them. I think the shoe market is a great idea for the internet. So… it’s, um, shoes. How exciting a name can you get?

I like how easy it is to get around and find the right shoe by brand and type. That’s cool and the design seriously rocks. It’s invisible.

Now let me compare it to because that’s who I personally consider the leader in the shoe market online. Plus a much better name. Let me know if you know of any others I don’t know of. Here’s what Zappos has that doesn’t: Customer product reviews, zoom pictures, and email me when it’s available reminders. Three super simple systems that totally make the experience that much better. I think the site design isn’t as slick as but that’s ok. Think about ebay. It could use a design overahaul as well but it still functions. Adds that personal, small company feel.

I just ordered some of these from and they came and fit perfectly. Cool site. I don’t think I ever want to go to a regular shoe store again.

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