Recommendation: FastQ

I normally don’t go out of my way to recommend ISPs to people but there is a local company here in Phoenix that has provided fabulous service to me for going on about 8 years.

That company is FastQ Communications. From a service standpoint when my DSL ever goes down I can call them up and talk to one of their support staff and get an almost insant idea of what is going on. Often when I’ve called they already know what the problem is. Usually a router has gone down or a third party bandwidth provider is having problems. It’s always fixed quickly.

If you call their support staff and you talk to Doug you’ll be talking to the right guy. More than anyone I’ve talked to he’s able to diagnose technical problems and resolve problems really FAST.

So there is my personal recommendation. I know many of my clients and friends have selected FastQ over the years based on my feedback.

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