Most innovative catalog seen this year

Adidas catalog

This weekend my fiancée was looking for some comfortable shoes and, needless to say, I ended up getting dragged into the resulting whirlwind of shoe stores. Somehow, not one single store in the mall seemed to have what she was looking for.

In hopes of saving myself from being dragged into even more stores, I went onto the internet in search of online shoe catalogs.

One of the web sites I stumbled across simply blew me away. I must say, this has to be the most innovative use of flash I have seen in a while. Instead of showcasing their products in standard catalog format, Adidas displays a panorama in the park. A wide variety of hip and trendy young people are lounging about in their comfortable Adidas outfits and you can scroll 180 degrees to the left or right by moving your mouse. Simply move your cursor over a person to view details about their outfit. You can also click on a person to view a bunch of additional photos of them posing in that outfit.

By Thomas Chapin

24 year old guy (as of 09/24/2007) who has been in the design business since the age of 11. First corporate web site created at the age of 13. Worked at DSBWorldWide, Inc. for 9 years. Moved to Arizona in November of 2005 to be a business partner/web developer at Tornado Design.

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