MBA and a half

I ran across and today, both are sites intended to help you get an MBA and research/choose schools. I thought they were both quite nice in the way they present content. It’s clear and at the same time they put a lot of information out on the page for you to digest.

We’ve researched Knowledge Base software even more lately and I wanted to post a few new links just in case anyone else needed KB software.
Active KB

The Portable Media Center Movies project is rather cool. Using bit torrent, you can download old classic movies like Tarzan and Three Stooges and watch them on your computer.

This site for agency Vivachi has an awesome Flash photo intro.

Here’s a fantastic portfolio with links and samples of some absolutely amazing design work, much of it for PBS: Karen Mattson | Interactive Design Portfolio

I couldn’t tell exactly what this web site called LifeSwitch was pushing, however the video and flash and music and overall interactivity was very engaging. I got sucked in. My first thought is that the site helps people get a new life and all online. But I think it’s actually a charity.

Oyster is a cool looking design studio.

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