Memories of marchFIRST

When I worked at marchFIRST they had some interns.

One intern, a guy nicknamed Taf was rather fun to talk to. He came from New York and was always cooking up some scheme to make money or save money. For a while he was working at The Fish Market and for weeks on end his diet consisted of corn chowder and bread which he got for free waiting tables.

So anyways, when marchFIRST was about to go down the drain, headhunters started calling people at the office and having a phone list of the company was in high demand. Especially one marked up with job titles.

Taf found a buyer.

He never divulged how much he made selling the phone list, but it was funny. Our mutual boss even found humor in it, so it was a funny thing. Seeing as how 99% of the people didn’t have a job as of closing day I’m betting he got the better end of the deal.

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