Master Your Music

I’ve recently come across some cool ideas in music software. The first is, which is a site that utilizes a plugin to your music player to upload a list of the songs you’ve played so your friends can see what kind of music you like. I recommend it used with the second-to-none iTunes music player.

Next is, a sort of database of music which you can use to identify music files you may have that are badly named. Say you ripped a CD when you didn’t have a connection to the internet to download song titles from the CDDB database – now you have a bunch of song titles like “track 1, track 2,” etc… maybe you typed in the album named if you remembered. Well MusicBrainz has software which will analyze the actual waveform of the music and compare it with it’s user-submitted database to give you possible matches to your music’s “fingerprint”. (Not sure exactly how there can be multiples – maybe a lot of music is really similar?)

Have you found any really interesting applications that stretch the possibilities of music in the digital domain? I’d like to hear

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