Ink Blot Test: #1

What do you see?

41 responses to “Ink Blot Test: #1”

  1. That’s the exact pattern the blood made when my Mama shot my Papa. Okay, I’m just kidding. (The pattern was a little different.)

  2. a monster, like what we all become ourselves, if we let it get like that. i see the monster dying in its own greed. blood pouring from its sides

  3. Well at first with thought it was an Alien with the head of a Girraffe..Then we kinda thought it was a thing. Yeah .. a thing.

  4. Speaking as the original creator of this blot, which appears in a book of mine about how we perceive our place in the universe (believe it or not), I can tell you that I describe it as a sort of man-insect. Although I have to say that it has a surprisingly cute head for either a man or an insect. And neither men nor insects have big paws like that either.

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