Have you ever been shot?

Things people have said to me after I asked them an interesting question:

“Actually, yes, I’ve been shot at twice. Once I was hit in the calf of my leg and another time the bullet grazed my head.”

“I only drink on the weekends.”

“I’m usually only drunk 7 or 8 times a year and usually on the weekends.”

“I had a really difficult time staying sober at the company Christmas party.”

“Yeah, one time this guy literally picked me up and threw me out of a bar.”

“My friend took his car out into the desert and torched it. He forgot his keys though and the cops called and said ‘we found your keys’.”

“110 mph is the fastest I’ve ever gone…” [in a car]

“There are sure a lot of lightbulbs on an aircraft carrier.”

“Did I mention that there are a lot of lightbulbs on an aircraft carrier?”

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