For a little encouragement

I just stumbled on the Panic site which I’ve visited dozens of times and even purchased software from them. I somehow found myself on a page called The True Story of Audion.

A couple of observations:

  1. If you are going to write a story, this is exactly how it should be written. It is captivating, fast paced, and well written.
  2. It inspires you to go out and do something.

My favorite part from the story is right after they had met with Steve Jobs and he had offered to hire the two founders:

“This is our only chance to do Panic. We don’t have kids, we’re not married, we don’t have huge obligations. We didn’t invest our life savings into it, just a few hundred dollars. We don’t even have life savings. We probably won’t get this opportunity again in our lifetime — the full chance to take a complete risk, to experiment, quit our day jobs, start a business that certainly may fail, put our hearts into the soul of it, and try to make it fly — making the best possible Macintosh software we can without the threat of mortgages or the cost of braces or kids wondering why we’re never home. And while there may be a time in our life where we crave some stability, or there may be a time in our life when things don’t work out with Panic and we return to be a player in a larger, awesome team like Apple, that time is certainly not now. Panic’s time is.”

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