Category: Whimsical

  • mlore CM More promising

    mlore CM More promising CM sytems, continued from my last post. Open Effect is another.

  • CruiZart A friend of

    CruiZart A friend of mine who does automotive artwork built this site for selling custom t-shirts and framed prints. He’s already sold a few and the quality is top notch. Take a look at the design as well, he’s organized content into critical areas and provided plenty of information so people can make informed purchases.

  • edesign magazine April 02

    edesign magazine April 02 is the premiere issue of edesign magazine. From what I’ve seen, it’s a winner. I plan to subscribe. The web site itself is nicely done and if they keep it updated frequently enough, will prove to be a good resource for both discussion and news.

  • mediaworks nyc Unique design

    mediaworks nyc Unique design but still somewhat basic in implementation.