Category: Photo

  • Fireworks photos

    This 4th of July I’m intending to take some nice fireworks shots like these.

  • Energy

    Photo I took down in Tucson earlier this year. Mmmmm… looks good.

  • Kite photography

    Some of the photos taken by Scott Haefner’s camera (which he’s strapped to a kite) are simply amazing. Great idea. If only I had the time to put something like this together.

  • Various (previously phpWebSite)

    phpWebSite is a free, OpenSource PHP Content Management System. – Thanks Kent! Also, view and try out complimentary colors with this handy site. The Transit of Venus (and how one guy took some awesome photos of Venus passing across the Sun). Extreme Ironing… (imagine Strongbad saying that!). Don’t miss the gallery. If you don’t know…