Category: Inspiration

  • 3D cutaway designer in arizona

    Check this out people. It’s a 3D cutaway of a Black and Decker drill! Produced and illustrated by my good friend Gary Smith at Performance Design (Phoenix, AZ). He’s the best illustrator I know who does this sort of thing so if you ever need a cutaway or 3D work, or product industrial design get…

  • Pogue

    A friend of mine designed a new site for Pogue Construction and shared it with me. I really liked the design and he did a really nice job with the Flash. What strikes me most is the neat photo transition effect where the house goes from day to night view. It really makes it come…

  • Burger King Flash Intro

    I was really impressed with the Burger King flash intro. They’ve got this nifty text effect going where the text flys in and tells you all about the latest and greatest burger. It’s focused. I’m a consumer and it tells me what’s cooking.

  • Clip-n-Seal web site

    I was reading a discussion about copywriting on the web and came across the Clip-n-Seal web site. It’s a winner because it’s so simple and concise I feel like they’re not wasting my time. I can immediately focus on the content and figuring out what exactly the product is and does.