Business Week

I’ve been enjoying Business Week at the gym lately. They always seem to have the latest issues and surprisingly good articles. They’ve even got a few sections about blogs and technology (actually, a lot about technology). The latest issue has a feature on failure, and how businesses who really succeed have learned to overcome failure.

I also ran across this article which looks at some two dozen Google products and finds they don’t have a single market leader. Even Gmail is led by MSN and Yahoo! and Google Talk is 10th behind a long line of Instant Messenger apps. The article concludes that Google wins because their search dominates everything else. Even a product manager at Google exclaimed that they expect at least 60% of their products to fail. I suppose if you have at least a few winners it makes it all worth it.

Compare this to General Electric, which actively removes itself from markets they don’t lead.

The whole point of this post wasn’t to talk about Google though, I wanted to just say that I really like the Business Week web site! It’s clean, intuitive, and doesn’t ask me to register every time I click to view an article. Nice job!

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