Great Illustration Design from Tsevis

Tsevis Visual Design, a creative agency in Greece, has worked for some big name clients and it’s easy to see why. I love how their art blends the real and the abstract in a totally interesting and creative way. Boost your creative juices and check out their amazing website portfolio.



An Inspiring Graphic Design Collection

Graphic ExchanGE

I recently stumbled across the website Graphic ExchanGE. It’s an awesome collection of graphic design work by various creative artists. You’ll end up spending time browsing the site, so click at your own risk. But you just might get some great inspiration along the way.

General Whimsical

Coffee and the Morning Paper

Here’s a bit of fun inspiration to start off your Monday morning. This page has some neat illustrations made from clipped up copies of the Wall Street Journal.


Where Have All the Cool Band Websites Gone?

Okay, so there are some good band website designs out there. The Blizzards for example:

The Blizzards

But I looked at a lot of sites before I came across any that were better than just average as far as design goes. Is it because it’s easier to put up a band page on MySpace instead of pushing design boundaries?

Where are the innovative site designs bands used to have? Drop me a comment link to any nice band website design you’ve seen recently.

Here are some nice ones I have found so far: