Author: Joey Robert Parks

  • Todd McQueen: Digital Photo Illustrator

    Todd McQueen: Digital Photo Illustrator

    The Invisible (Flash) Man Phoenix-based digital photo illustrator + re-touching artist + interactive Flash multimedia developer/designer Todd McQueen is seriously off the radar. You won’t find his physically fit, six-foot-five form mingling in big groups, running up and introducing himself at the local AIGA meeting, or hanging among the espresso-infused glow screens at Phoenix, Arizona’s […]

  • Why Time Tracking is Important to Freelancers

    If you’re a freelancer in your chosen profession and you don’t track your time, you can count on one thing: you won’t be a freelancer for long. At six years and counting, I think I’ve finally got freelancing down. Every time before this – this is my fourth time as a freelancer – I lasted […]

  • Five Ways To Stay Productive In Your Mobile Office

    As an independent wordsmith, I’m well acquainted with working in non-traditional work places; for instance, my main office (home) and the other locale’s I frequent (coffee houses). Notice the title of this entry. It’s not about how to be productive. Anyone can be productive, if they so desire, every now and again, sometimes on purpose, […]