A weekend spent laboring

I hope everybody had a great labor day weekend! Here at Tornado, it was all labor and very little play. If you call building your own web app labor. This weekend we made progress on several fronts.

  • Firstly, we have the beginnings of a marketing site. It’s only a design concept at this point, however it’s something and it looks great. Realizing that we really need a copywriter at some point.
  • I installed WordPress for our product blog. We’re going to be running our blog on a completely separate domain name for search engine reasons. We are going to begin posting to that blog now, but not tell anybody about it until the beta begins. We were able to pick up a cool domain name that has some good keywords in it.
  • Spent some time working on the logo type treatment.
  • More time was spent tweaking the actual application design. There are several key sections we still need to work on.
  • We decided to simplify our sign up process and have just a few key things (username, password, name, email) required in order to get an account. Then in the settings section, you’ll be able to further customize the application. We have this currently drawn out on our whiteboard and we need to move it into the product design.
  • We need to begin formulating the marketing plan on paper — right now, it’s all in our heads. We’re going to be approaching marketing in a grassroots sort of way, at least, that’s the initial plan.

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