What FTP program do you use?

Over the years I’ve tried CuteFTP, BulletProof FTP, SmartFTP, Panic’s Transmit, and WS FTP. Despite this list (plus a few others) I’ve never found one I really like. What are you using?

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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Fetch. Free for students. People always put down Fetch (apparently the most widely-used FTP client for OS X) when they’re touting Transmit – which I’m sure is awesome – but I’ve never really understood how one client can be astoundingly better than another: I just want it to upload files!

Anyone care to enlighten me?

I use Outlook, and usually when I use FTP its because the file is too big for me to attach to my email. I started using new ftp utility called OutDisk. It integrates FTP into Outlook, and routes my big attachments to a web host via FTP. Then it inserts a http link into my email for download. I like it because its really simple (like me) and it keeps my emails from bouncing. No more cutting and pasting urls into my emails, and best of all, no more bounced emails. Free trial at

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