Going Hybrid: Part Two

A week ago I posted about my desire to switch to a Mac (actually, what exactly I was switching to was not told but most people get the idea). I also talked about the idea of using both platforms… going Hybrid. At this point I’ll be lucky if I go hybrid at all. You see, I have spent about 5 days using just a Mac with OSX Panther. I transfered all of my files to the Powerbook, I got everything set up, worked on it, and just yesterday I got my RAM moved from my Toshiba to the PowerBook 1GHz and with 1.5 Gig of RAM it was really loaded.

But it wasn’t enough.

Frankly, my PC is twice as fast as the PowerBook. And my Toshiba is older than the PowerBook. I purchased the Toshiba 16 months ago. The PowerBook… not sure, probably 12 months. Where is it slower? Not just big things like Photoshop and large graphics files, but simple things like changing between the tabs in FireFox (it should be instantaneous, but it isn’t).

Let me show you a little graph I made that will show you my productivity decline this week.

Here’s what I liked about using the Mac:
The interface certainly rocks and I found Expose a frequent tool. The tools I use every day are simple and designed the same way so I found them easy to use.

What I didn’t like:
Apple’s Mail program is very nice on the surface, but I have some serious issues with the way it handles default mail accounts. Something I might post on separately. It is nicely designed.
FireFox isn’t as nice on the Mac for some reason.
Apple hasn’t thought about Importing and Exporting enough. For example, the Address Book can only import vCards one at a time. That just won’t cut it. Microsoft Entourage does the same thing. Weird. Being an Outlook user, I found very little advice on how to import my Outlook PST file. So I didn’t even try.

Comparison of applications:
Nothing competes with iCal. Of everything I tried this week, this program wins hands down. On the other hand, FTP is seriously lacking on the Mac side. I kept thinking how nice SmartFTP was and how I’d be done already if I were using it.

In the end, I really liked it. It gave me an opportunity to find out why people like the Mac platform. I must say that I have a G4 Tower here with only 256MB of RAM and switching between tabs in FireFox was faster than even on the PowerBook. So that is interesting.

So what’s the future: I’ll be using the Mac more now that I’m familiar with it and am planning to get a new mouse just for use on the PowerBook. I’m debating using iCal. I’m planning to also get more RAM for my G4 Tower so that I can experiment with a Mac that has more speed. Because in the end this is all about speed. Speed with which I can do things on the computer and the ability in which I can get my work done fast.


Top 100 Laptops

CNET has a list of the top 100 laptops.


Secondhand Lions

Based on the recommendation from some good friends, I recently watched the movie Secondhand Lions. It’s a movie about a kid who has an irresponsible mother and is sent to spend the summer with his wealthy uncles in Texas.

The movie is really good. Without spoiling it, the two uncles spent a considerable amount of time in Africa and fought in a bunch of wars fighting Arabs and probably just about everyone else. They were able to capture a bunch of gold from a sheik and since growing old have lived on a farm in Texas. The film portrays these with a lot of visuals and it reminded me of the movie The Princess Bride. Not sure why, maybe it’s because they’re both stories to an extent.

Everybody thinks they’re really rich and dozens of salesmen call at the ranch. The reason they are rich is unknown to most. The consensus is that they were bank robbers. Nobody knows.

The movie starts out with a shot of these two guys shooting guns into the water at catfish. It pretty much goes from there and has a high quality comedy count. Overall though, it’s a story about a kid growing up, two guys growing old, and family values. Highly recommended.

I watched the DVD version which has a number of extra features, deleted scenes, behind the scenes and interviews.

Interesting tidbits you can learn from the IMDb: the director also wrote the screenplay for The Iron Giant and Haley Joel Osment (who plays Walter) was the actor who portrayed Forrest Gump (the younger Forrest Gump).

It gets (drumroll) five movie moons (an unusual rating mechanism I invented).
Here they are:

Update: Here’s some box office financial info about how Secondhand Lions did.


Waking Ned Devine

In the spirit of the movie review writing season, I thought I’d chime in with some of my own. Thus begins a very short series of movie reviews… Don’t expect much.

I just watched a somewhat different movie called Waking Ned Devine. It’s about a guy in Ireland who dies upon seeing his winning lottery ticket. Some of his old friends decide to claim the ticket. When the lottery guy shows up to write the check to Ned he says he’s going to check around to make sure Ned is really “Ned.” This introduces some problems. Since the real Ned is dead, one of the old guys stands in for Ned and there are some funny scenes. The two old guys must try to figure a way to convince the townfolk to agree to the plan.

The story has a bunch of funny twists and to be honest starts out really slow. I almost gave up. Then halfway through it gets good. It would probably be enjoyed by people like my grandpa. As far as content… It’s pretty clean. The worst is a couple shots of two old guys jumping into the ocean without any clothes (from a distance). It’s much tamer than The Gods Must Be Crazy, if you’ve seen that.

It gets 3 movie stars. Here they are: