Author: Chris Tingom

  • 724 Solutions Besides the

    724 Solutions Besides the m-Business thing, this site is pretty cool. The colors compliment the images and navigation. Even the logo is interesting. Some pages have javascript errors, and that’s just bad business.

  • Pizza Hut When you

    Pizza Hut When you are hungry for pizza you don’t have time to mess with the details. That’s where wins hands down. First thing you are thinking about is getting a good deal. And they answer that by giving you a few simple options. First is to find a pizza hut nearby. Next? Coupons. […]

  • edesign magazine April 02

    edesign magazine April 02 is the premiere issue of edesign magazine. From what I’ve seen, it’s a winner. I plan to subscribe. The web site itself is nicely done and if they keep it updated frequently enough, will prove to be a good resource for both discussion and news.

  • mediaworks nyc Unique design

    mediaworks nyc Unique design but still somewhat basic in implementation.