1&1 Internet – file this under complaints about 1and1.com

1and1I am writing about a company called 1&1 which has a web site at 1and1.com and about their preposterous cancellation policies. I cancelled service with them back in October after subscribing for a short period of time to use their hosted exchange service. I used the online cancellation system, followed all of the procedures to a T including sending in a signed cancellation fax.

Today I call up to ask why I was still being charged and immediately the person on the other end gets all defensive and claims I didn’t send the fax (which I did). But he had record of my original cancellation request.

The fact that they never processed my fax doesn’t make a difference. Now they want me to prove to them that I sent my fax. Audacious!

I called back to speak with another person and received even worse treatment. I am angry at 1&1.

Update: It looks as though others have reported this same issue

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  1. No shortage of complaints ! I am searching for 1 Class action , Any tips where there is one to be found ?
    I have 7 days to activate my credit card for 1 and 1 or they will cancel my canceled account…etc…etc…etc… ? In their E-Maill= ” We politely requested”… That is almost as ingenious as “100 percent customer satisfaction !” …. (the consequences are collection , either or and more .. . )
    HERE I AM VOID OF A NINETY DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTY, NO 1 and 1 account, I canceled it the first day, they canceled it subsequently and are threatening to re-cancel it !
    It is not funny , it’s apathetitc ! 1 and 1 just keeps not adding up. I would not be surprised if their collection agency is their main anticipated source of revenue.

  2. I wanted to cancel my account 5 days after I opened it. They said I can’t do it because I used 50% special. It’s not like I used 50% special and canceled non-special remaining term. I never used it, period. What a joke this company is. It’s like dealing with mafia. I filed complaint with BBB. Do you know what else can be done? Class action suite sounds good!

  3. You would think after an expenditure of 1.6+ billion dollars
    My priceless 1and1 YOU Tube Presentation would not go down the tubes . Please Tune in – Here : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x13bfv_disgrunted-1and-1-group
    Same show , more functional , to the point if all else fails

    and http://lienfr.com
    (please hurry as my 1and1 domain names won’t last long ! I 100 percent guarantee it ! )
    If that fails hell , try http://moreofchina.com

  4. My question is twofold , 2 FAX or Not 2 Fax ?
    There is too much to disect and analyse , I am running out of steam searching for the epilogue of 1and1 complaint blogs and trying to find conclusive answers…
    Does 1and 1 still request Faxes in order to terminate either a contract or an account ?(they do differ )
    Can one now FAX on a voluntary basis and thus execute a cancelation of account by mere online correspondence?
    Just by writing ” cancel my account ,OK ! ”
    In retrospect , the fax I sent today omitted the recipients
    numbers , perhaps 1Fax is not worth a hiil of beans .I fail to understand the emphasis on the fax business unless of course …. next episode … http://1fax.biz
    Wishing you ,A Happy Valentines, but don’t even think of Faxing your loved one from here, point blank !
    Le Blogue

  5. 1and1 took 170 of my domains off the Internet.
    without my approval. They just sent me a letter, thank you and we canceled your account as you requested and had the nerve to send me a survey.I keep all my correspondence, this is the second consecutive claim. All my correspondence is open to the public. Just follow the links from my group page at http://cottagenorth.com
    If you want to just go to the mail http://1and1mail.blogspot.com
    Several complaints are filed and I have new 1and1 links at http://cottagenorth.com
    Fern Dumas

  6. I must love this website !
    Back again, I need volunteers for 1and 1 satisfaction surveys. They keep sending them to me and some guy named Jim Retnour needs feedback. I don’t have a clue who the guy is,were you speaking with him by any chance?
    Say hello to him for me, I am on dial up and having a hell of a time communicating.
    (1and1 Internet where are my 173 Domains)
    ICANN?INTERNIC, where are YA !
    signed: By The sole propriertor of the worlds biggest Blogs

  7. Should I Die from Eating Sour Crout.
    this is my eulogy:
    To: Billing at 1and1 Internet ,
    ( feel free contact your CEO if need be ) I would like to know what you did with my 173 DOMAINS . My account is ID 10727133
    DON’T GET confused This is a serious matter. YOUR LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of THE English Language is not my problem . My account is paid in full and you have taken my domains off the internet without proper authorization . I suggest you attend to this matter without further delay . If you wish to read this message again after you delete it , it shall be posted at http://1and1tags.com ( whether you receive this or not as per your contract it will be deemed to have been received. )
    Fern Dumas
    CEO/Pixles Inc.
    Incorporated in The State Of Flodida
    Please be advised we are protected under The Sushine
    Law , and incidently The Constitution Of The United States Of America , and we do not take Gestapo tatics lightly when it comes to the obliteration of our Domains.
    We have several pending reports on file awaiting resolution , which will determine our course of action.
    Without prejudice, we assertain that we are not 100 percent satisfied as guaranteed .
    Respectfully yours
    Fern Dumas
    Pixles Inc.

  8. Since my 173 domains were Gestapoed from the Internet by 1and1 Internet , I have had time to surf Hosting Reviews. My overall analysis and conclusion is , I think I have to prepare for a deluge of lodged complaints about 1and1 , from my home base Cottage North. To ease the volume of traffic and facilitate circulation , I got myself an Easy Button. http://1and1easybutton.com
    If you are not 100 percent satisfied and know of other easy
    links come and submit them at your leisure at my site where Disgruntled clients tend to gather.

  9. I have had terrible performance from 1and1.

    I have contacted them several times with complaints yet have never received a single reply.

    This weekend alone all my sites were offline. As a freelancer I simply cannot afford the loss of business, yet 1and1 don’t give a d***.

    I am going to cancel my account with them next week – and woe betide them if they dare to delay the cancellation – my husband is a lawyer!

  10. Appalling customer services. For the second time this year I find myself in the impossible net of this unprofessional company. Want to get your hosting or domain from them? No problems, straight forward unmanned process.

    Now, the issue rises when you have a problem. Tens of e-mails sent to their complaints department after their customer services department not only cannot help you but when you ask to talk to a supervisor, they inform you that that is not possible, since their supervisors are in Germany and speak no English at all!! So much for a company trying to do business in the UK. From my experience, it is the first time I ever hear that inexcusable excuse.

    The issue? After many problems with their mailing and hosting services, I decided to cancel one of my accounts. Since I had billing problems before, I consider it sensible to refuse to pay the last bill until confirmation of the account cancellation. The last thing I hear from them, is a letter from a collections firm for £10.48+£15 collecting fees.

    After updating the collecting firm on the issue, they withheld my file for a couple of weeks until I sorted it out with 1&1. Needless to say, this is unheard of and they were really happy to do it, so I guess this unique approach to customer service from 1&1 (do not answer customer requests, just pass the matters on to collecting firms) must be quite common.

    I contacted 1&1 and the lady on the phone could only tell me over and over again that the matter was on the collecting firm hands and that there was nothing else I could do. After asking to speak to a supervisor she told me the German-only choice of people to talk to. It seems they sent me a link to the cancellation webpage the third week of December, according to them before blocking my account. According to me, my account was blocked the week before, no daily spam or e-mails (including their infamous one) arrived in my mailbox.

    After a long and mainly pointless argument she acceded to give me the complaints e-mail address.
    Again, after many e-mails and no response, I decided to threaten them with taking the matters further and suddenly I received a response e-mail from them. After some bargaining they took the original payment from me. End of the issue?

    Not really. I just received a letter from them asking for an extra £2.50 from the, in theory, cancelled account. I have no idea what they are talking about, and promptly contacted their complaints department. Seven e-mails after, I haven’t heard anything back from them.

    Since from my experience I know that my file must be already on collector’s hands for under £3, I decided to let anyone who might even think for a second of signing up with 1&1 know that this is just an automatic cash cow for some German company. Do not expect any sensible or caring answer from them when issues arise. You have been warned.

  11. 1&1 Don’t want new customers

    Nine days ago I ordered a 1&1 hosting package with two domains in the name of a Ltd Company.

    1&1 wanted a faxed proof of address which we sent immediately. But as a Ltd. Company, the address is already on the Companies House Register (which I can’t fake). I can easily fake a utilities bill – just scan it in, change the name and address and send it to 1&1!

    I have emailed several times, and spent a few pounds on their premium rate helpline.

    In the last 9 days they have:

    – not registered the .com domain (leaving it for someone else to register)

    – not registered the .co.uk domain (leaving it for someone else to register)

    – not set up an account

    In short, if they treat a new customer like this, how will they treat an existing customer?

    I’m outa here!

    The problem is, where do I go? Godaddy?

  12. Whatever you do, do not sign up for the 1and1 VPS (Virtual Private Server). The technology is flakey and the support totally non-existent.

  13. I have been given the absolute run around by these absolute and complete fools, for more than a Year. A more useless and
    shambolic Organization one could not hope to find. Most of the problems expressed by previous correspondents, I have
    experienced. With no end in site. There has to be countless
    customers going through all kinds of frustration with this
    Cowboy Outfit.

    GO TO : jeffcroft.com (1and1 is Internet Devil)

  14. No joy from these people at all. Take your money, lock up your domains, stop you transfering them. All kinds of headaches.

  15. Does anyone know if the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and 1and1 have their offices in the same building?
    It is not a stupid question. Anne-Marie called me on the phone,from the Attorney General’s Office and said that I canceled my 1and1 account and accepted the 1and1 terms of contract.I Quote ” The case is closed this conversation is over!”
    Now I filed a complaint at The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) against the Attorney General)
    Man did I get in deep dung for $5.95. I feel like 2 cents!
    I have become a chronic complainer , I am even complaining against the Better Business Bureau who send me letters, saying that if they do not hear from me, the case has satisfactorily been resolved..
    Maybe I better read my mail , sit back for a while and wait for feedback .
    Fern Dumas , not so 100% satisfied

  16. […] Over the period of a week between being transferred to the wrong department several times and being on hold for more than 30+ minutes each call, I was promptly hung-up on no less than 5 times. I was beyond amazement; these people were pulling an AOL on me! They were going to make my cancellation as complicated as possible and charge me even more money in the meanwhile! […]

  17. In the middle of March 1and1 had a server go down. They completely lost all my files for two websites and corrupted my account. I could not reset them so I could publish them again. I was at the end of a 6 month billing cycle, so I decided to change hosting. I unlocked both domains and after quite a few headaches, figured out how to find the auth code. Something went wrong with the transfer and 1and1 completely locked out my domain after I cancelled my package with them. I emailed them several times to please take my domain out of the “pending delete restorable on hold” mode. I finally decided to let the domain expire so I could register it with another company. Guess what? After the expiration, I found out a company could hold the domain for another 45 days. My new hosting company called 1and1 and they sent me an email that for $40 they would take my domain out of the redemption period. But, I have to have an active account with them. At least I can still login to my account even though I canelled with them. I received an email with a cancelled invoice, but I haven’t checked to see if they are still charging my credit card. I will after reading these posts.

    Oh, BTW, yes they still do require a fax to cancel and a fax to reclaim the domain. I paid the money and they said it would be 3 business days before it would be renewed. I am afraid that I just paid $40 for nothing and that they won’t release my domain. But, I didn’t know what else to do.

    If there is any class action suit against 1and1, I would sure like to know about it. My site has been down now for One and a half months. I have never run into such a horrible company. I had to wait 5 days for most of my emails to be answered, except the one asking for the $40.

  18. customer support is bad. There mysql sucks. i connect and get acsess denied. I call 1and1 and they say it ohh ewll and change my files, and uploading stuff.

  19. Stay away from 1and1.com. They are mean and nasty to their customers from a billing standpoint. I spoke with a Ian Morris this guys has no compasion. My username and password were comprimised and I got a police report to validate the claim. Thye refuse to wiave the charges of $40.41 cents. They sent it to collections. Remember, if they send it to collections must write a letter back to dispute the charges within 30 days. I did this and the collection agency sent the claim back and closed it out. However, 1and1 refuses to give me the authorization code to get them back. The sadi thing I never had a bag experience until now. None of their people will make exceptions even if you jump through their hoops. Remember, if they send you to collections dispute the claim within 30 days otherwise it will show up on your credit report. I spoke to people at NCO agency they will make with your SSN even if you didn’t give it to them and it can show up on your credit report. I opened a case with the FTC, BBB, and my us attorneys office. This isn’t even about the money. It’s about what they are doing business is just wrong. Please do the same. Thanks.

  20. To quote comic book guy from the Simpsons… “Worst Domain Hosting Company EVER.” This is the second time in a month that the domain server that forwards domains is down. When my customers try to access the website it just isn’t there. They are calling me to see if I am still in business. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CLOWNS! I swear they are using old 486’s using Windows 3.1 somewhere in Mexico. Their customer service people are clueless and just keep apologizing. They do speak english though which is a plus.

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