The Vendor Client Relationship

This video is fantastic. It explains the vendor / client relationship experience (the way it isn’t supposed to happen).

5 thoughts on “The Vendor Client Relationship

  1. Ken

    The only thing missing here is the ‘If you do this for me, I’ll tell all my friends to call you’.

    Thanks, this video actually made me angry.

  2. scarabic

    Hah! Brilliant. Of course, it’s very easy to turn around:

    You order the steak, it’s marked $40 on the menu, but the bill comes in at $55.

    Waiter says: “Yeah, the menu only lists an estimate. We ran into some complications and overruns. The cost of beef went way up since you first sat down. And that steak sauce you asked for? There was that. I could let you out for $50 but I’d be going home empty handed on this one. I have to put bread on the table too, you know. $52.50 and I’ll throw in a togo box. We good?”

  3. Rick

    Love the video, but I ain’t laughing. This is toooooo real to laugh – I need to send this to all my current and past clients.
    Maybe even the future ones too!

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