How I wrote 81 articles in one month while holding a sleeping baby

Yes, I really wrote 81 different articles in one month!

You might think I spent a lot of time in front of the computer writing these articles. You would be wrong!

I wrote them while holding a 5 month old napping baby.

I’m even writing this article while my son sleeps!

Here’s my trick: I bought a wireless bluetooth keyboard and paired it to my iPhone. When my son falls asleep, I grab the keyboard, open Evernote, and start writing.

It is really that simple. I didn’t set out to write this many articles, but blew away all of my expectations.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Evernote

I typically watch our kids in the morning while my wife gets an extra hour or two of sleep. During that time, my 5 month old will usually nap a couple of times. Perhaps for 20 minutes at a time. I take advantage of that time and do some writing!

I write directly in the Evernote app

For example, I will often begin a blank note in Evernote as a reminder about a topic I want to write about (just fill out the headline). That helps me because when I sit down to write, I don’t want to spend my time thinking about a topic.

Some articles require more research than others. In those cases, it can be a waste of time to do research while the baby is sleeping. I do basic research before I sit down to write. I take screenshots of information that might be useful and insert those at the bottom of my Evernote document. Then, when I’m writing, I can scroll down and reference them. This keeps me focused, and in one app.

There’s a few more tricks

If you have an Apple TV, here’s another trick I’ve used. Did you know you can mirror your iOS device to your Apple TV? I use this almost constantly! It’s like having a huge monitor and it is easier to see than the iPhone screen.

I focus on getting the words down while the baby naps

After he wakes up, I’ve found I can easily edit my articles (as long as the changes are simple) without the keyboard just using Evernote on my iPhone.

I can even publish my articles directly to one of my web sites by using the WordPress iPhone app! But, usually, I end up editing them on my desktop (still in Evernote’s Mac app) and then publish from there.

Evernote saves my work across devices

Evernote automatically saves everything I write, so I’ve never have to worry about losing my writing. I love that I can access my writing on any device. I personally use the iPhone and Mac desktop apps.

Evernote for Mac

My writing tends to be about travel, product reviews, and how-to articles. I also often write case studies about my design projects. My articles tend to be on the shorter side. My shortest article was about 250 words, and my longest was 1,650 words. The 81 articles I wrote last month combined make about 30,000 words.

baby with a keyboardIn the previous month I only wrote 5 articles. This is a fairly big leap in productivity for me.

By day, I manage a small web design shop and design and build web sites. The rest of the time, I help my wife with our two kids. We have a 3 and a half year old daughter, and our 5 month old son.

If you’re a parent, and you need to do some writing, I highly encourage you to take advantage of the time-saving benefit of pairing an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard to your phone.

The keyboard I am using

Here’s some info about the keyboard I’m using: It’s an Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard (Model A7726). I grabbed it on Amazon for only $16. The Keyboard is the same size as the wireless Apple keyboards, and is only compact in the sense that it is smaller than a full size keyboard. It takes two AAA batteries which last months. They have a couple of similar models which have rechargeable batteries.

Pretty much any Bluetooth keyboard will work.

I hope that these ideas will be helpful to other parents who want to write, but can never find the time.

Please leave a comment and share your writing productivity tips!

iClever 6-Port USB Wall Charger

My new iClever 6-Port USB Wall Charger has found its way into my home. I’ve been using it regularily and have it plugged in next to my couch.

The genius of a multi-port USB charger was lost on me until I realized it meant I could leave all of my other charger plugs at home and use one device. It’s really quite smart, and easier.

Now when I’m traveling instead of trying to find several wall sockets I just plug the iClever in and all six of my devices can charge.

iclever 6 usb charger

Each of the 6 ports is marked with 5V/2.4 A which gives you full speed charging at any port. It’s marked as SmartID, which means it is smart at identifying specific devices (and charging speeds).


6 port usb charger

Here’s what I have to charge at night:

  1. Android Moto X
  2. iPhone 5C
  3. iPhone 6+
  4. iPad 4 Retina
  5. iPad 1

Yeah, I still have and use my old iPad! Works great for just playing videos.

I also have a variety of cameras to charge, but they each have their own chargers.On the plus side, by using the iClever I’ve freed up extra wall sockets for my camera equipment. Winning!

The iClever comes with a 3 foot cord so it can easily stretch behind a couch or cabinet.

You can purchase the iClever 6-Port USB Charger online at Amazon or at Hisgadget (which seems to have the best deal).

Note: I received the product for free.

Intocircuit Power Castle Portable Charger

My family travels about 10% of the year, and when we’re on the go, we need a way to charge our devices and keep them charged.

That is where our Intocircuit Power Castle Portable Charger comes into play. We now use this charger at home even when we’re sitting on the couch. It’s that convenient!

The portable charger is a 15000 mAh / 55.5 Wh battery that has two USB ports and a flashlight.

Compared to other battery chargers I’ve used in the past, this one has more than 3 times the capacity!

The device has a convenient LED display that tells you exactly how much charge capacity remains. As I’m writing this, I’m charging my phone and it says I have 39% capacity left. That 39% should give me about 4-5 more charges on my iPhone 5C.

In total, you should be able to get about 10-12 charges off of a fully charged portable charger (depending on the phone, state of charge, and condition of battery).

The charger comes with a nice carrying bag, and a USB mini cord so if you’re charging an Android you’ll be set right out of the box. The mini USB cord is also used to charge the device. You can use any USB power outlet connector with the device.

Chargers like this can be really handy for travel on airplanes, long road trips, or even hanging out with friends at the beach.

The Intocircuit portable charger can charge two devices at the same time.

The device sports a clean brushed aluminum finish that looks really nice. It’s small enough to fit inside almost any purse.

So, if you’re looking for a portable USB charger, I’d highly recommend this one! It comes with a warranty and ships via! You can also buy them directly from Hisgadget which seems to be a lower price!

Note: I received the product for free.

Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard Review

I just bought a Anker® Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard over on Amazon for $16. Yes, that’s really the price!

It’s a wireless, bluetooth keyboard in the same design as the Apple Wireless Keyboard. I’ve been leaving the keyboard out in the family room, and it has become my new favorite tool for productive writing.

I’ve often bemoaned the fact that part of parenting involves sitting on the couch watching the kids. Sure, I can send and view emails on my cell phone (an iPhone 5C), but I hate typing on the phone keyboard.


No longer! I just paired the keyboard to my phone. Now, whenever I am watching a movie with my toddler, I can write an article. In fact, I’m writing this article while my 3 year old watches Handy Mandy on the television. I’m able to have conversations with my wife, interact with my child, but stay productive. I’ve also written articles while my newborn naps.

My new workflow includes extensive usage of Evernote. I basically type my new articles in Evernote and later while I’m on my computer I edit and publish them (along with a photo).

It’s such a brilliant idea, and I wish I had thought of it sooner! I’m going to be so productive typing new articles.

As an example, I have managed to type 5 articles in a matter of 30 minutes (each one being about 250 words). Not the biggest articles, but exactly what I wanted to write.

So, go do yourself a favor and pick up a cheap wireless keyboard for your phone. You’ll never regret it! Leave a comment and let me know how you stay productive with kids.