Companies formed on napkins

I stumbled across the story of Southwest Airlines this morning and then Compaq and thought it was funny that they were both formed on restaurant napkins in Texas. It would make a good question on Jeopardy. I wonder what other companies were formed this way?

3 thoughts on “Companies formed on napkins

  1. Mark

    I’d imagine the process is (or was, back in the day before laptops and web-apps that would do it for you) about as common as a fella gettin down on one knee to propose to his best girl.

    Sorry, the Texan coming out of me there for a sec.

    Actually, I think it kinda runs along the same lines as this post from 37svn.

    Millions of guys get down on one knee everyday to little or no fanfare, you only hear about the celebrities who put out the press kit on the process though.

    I’d imagine there are untold millions of sketched out napkins out there.

  2. Chris Tingom Post author

    Yeah, that’s a really good observation. And plus, what does it matter? Most companies are formed on paper to some degree. You gotta write stuff down!

  3. Don

    Clover Content was formed on a piece of one-ply toilet paper and a blue Crayola crayon in a the restroom of a fast food restaurant. Okay, not really.

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